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Beautiful designs, marketing automation and everything you need to grow your business, without the hassle of addons.

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A beautiful online store,

Assemble your online store from blocks carefully crafted for modern fashion ecommerce and customize it to get the look and feel of your website exactly the way you want it.

Block library

There are blocks for all components of a website: navigation bars, carts, menus, collections, product lists and product detail pages, footers, cookie and subscriptions modals, and much more.

Design system

Colors and typography are controlled from a unified design system, to give that professional polished look

Responsive and fast

75% of traffic in fashion comes from mobile devices. Stores on LabL are optimized to be beautiful and fast on any device.

LabL takes care of your online store.

Building an independent fashion brand is all about managing dozens of things at once. Design, manufacturing, support, sales, marketing, inventory, you name it. While extremely gratifying, as a solo founder it can be extremely overwhelming.

LabL covers everything related to online sales. It is easy to design an attractive site that makes my product shine. I can launch new collections by myself with its design editor, and promote them with email marketing, all without leaving the admin dashboard.

Alexandra Chermenina, founder Couture de Nuit

Complete commerce platform,
without the hassle of add-ons.

By focusing on websites selling apparel and accessories, LabL is able to provide all the core ecommerce features for fashion brands, without piecewise stitching of disparate plugins and add-ons.

Payments & Shipping

Accept payments through most popular payment methods. Integrate shipping carriers, including automated rate calculation and label printing.

Inventory management

Robust inventory tracking, timed product launches, preorders and automated product availability notifications.


Drive sales with automated single and multi-use discounts and gift cards.

Marketing automation,
to drive sales on autopilot.

LabL provides a complete marketing automation engine, integrated into your store.

Create complex custom flows or install the most common ones from presets.

Cart recovery sequence

Users seldom purchase on their first visit to a store. A cart recovery sequence is a series of several emails sent to the visitor after shopping cart abandonment.

Giving the user more information about the product or an incentive like free shipping or a discount can substantially increase the conversion rate.

Post-sale discounts

The best customers are past customers. Foster this relationship by automatically sending product discounts on repeat purchases or something extra special for your most loyal customers.

Nurturing sequence

A nurturing sequence is a series of emails delivered over the course of many days that introduces the visitor to your brand story and mission, familiarizes with your collection and forms a deeper connection across an additional medium.

Localized shopping experiences.
In every corner of the world.

Give customers across the globe an experience that matches their local stores with regional prices and complete translations.

Hola 안녕 Hi Bonjour Привет Hai 你好 Ciao Hej Hallo Olá やあ Hola 안녕 Hi Bonjour Привет Hai 你好 Ciao Hej Hallo Olá やあ Hola 안녕 Hi Bonjour Привет Hai 你好 Ciao Hej Hallo Olá やあ Hola 안녕 Hi Bonjour Привет Hai 你好 Ciao Hej Hallo Olá やあ Hola 안녕 Hi Bonjour Привет Hai 你好 Ciao Hej Hallo Olá やあ


LabL was built from the ground up with unprecedented translation support. All product texts, UI elements, transactional and marketing emails can be translated.

Local prices

Offer round prices in user local currencies, that account for local duties and taxes to make the user feel at home.

Regional payment and shipping methods

Setup payments and shipping methods that make sense for each locality, on a country or region level.

that help you grow.

Track every user interaction with your online store: site browsing, checkout flow steps, transactional and marketing emails interactions.

LabL integrated analytics use server-side technology and is not blocked by third-party trackers blockers.

Event-based analytics

Dive into individual user behaviours by getting a 360-degree view of every interaction with your store.

Funnel overview

Get aggregate insights on which steps of your funnel have the highest chance to impact your sales.

Traffic sources

Track LTV of visitors comming from different ad campaigns

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